Friday, February 12, 2016

~~~ Gravitational Waves ~~~

So yeah, gravitational waves are a thing. This is kind of a big deal.

Think about that for a second. You literally distort TIME and S P A C E around you. You directly affect the very fabric of the universe. You leave a mark, an impression, that lasts forever and reverberates throughout the cosmos. Coupled with the burgeoning knowledge of quantum physics that has revealed the effect we have on reality simply by OBSERVING it, it is getting harder and harder to give any credence to the notion that what you do affects no one but yourself.

That's my story.

Credits to for the excellent explanation of gravitational waves and of science-y things in general at their site. Because science. 

Sweet Sixteen

I can't explain it but 2016 is killin' it and it's barely February. Wait... what happened in 2015, you ask? Don't worry about that, we'll talk about it later. For now let's focus on the fact that that we're riding the Star Wars 7 high two months later, scientists proved Einstein right by detecting Gravitational Waves, Deadpool delivered exactly what Deadpool promised, I realized that "Hamilton" is the new hotness, Luke had his first piano gig and is going to finally record an album, Kyle is getting married, and Erica is graduating high school. And oh yeah I'm getting out of the Army in a month and taking a year-long Sabbatical to do whatever I want and stuff. Throw some old and new acquaintances and life-long friends into the mix and 2016 looks even more promising.

And it's February. 

Ok so I guess I can kinda sorta explain it. Here's to you and me, 2016.