Saturday, June 16, 2012

Welcome Home and Happy Birthday to Myself

I live in Alaska but pretend like it's California. I figure if I will it hard enough, this summer will never end and that the life-threatening winters of Fairbanks will become the things of legends and mythos.

So the real question is: who WOULDN'T buy a sports car up here?

But seriously there are two things important to me about picking a car: fun factor and mpg. I spent months looking for my first car and finally settled on the MINI. Best choice I could have made; I love that car. That car put a smile on my face every time I saw it. Yeah winter was rough, but whatever. I loved what I was driving.

Course, I wouldn't bring that car up HERE. No, I just couldn't put my baby through these winters.

But as I was searching for a car again, I realized that it came down to fun factor and mpg again. I can't bring myself to spend thousands of dollars on a vehicle that will require many more thousands of dollars in gas and makes me dread driving because of the drudgery of getting behind its wheel.

So I bought a sports car. Naturally. Meet the Scion FR-S 86, or just 86. Appropriate, given that my birthday was like four days ago and I was born in the same year. Toyota and Subaru birthed this and its twin, the Subaru BRZ just this summer. It's the only one in Fairbanks, and it is AWESUM!!! That part is very important.

So now I just need to find me a $1000 beater SUV to drive on the ridiculously cold/snowy days. Which hopefully won't come to pass this year because of my willing it not to.


  1. Clearly it looks fun, so hows it on the gas?