Saturday, June 2, 2012

Movie Log 15: Snow White and the Huntsman

Yes, I watched this movie.
Yes, I went with my family.
Yes, it is definitely a chick flick.
Yes, Thor is in it. As himself. Yes, as Thor.

An interesting take on the story, no doubt. Definitely awkward throughout, though. There were many mommy-daughter and daddy-daughter dates in the audience, and you never knew how sensual or violent it was about to get. There was a thirteen-year-old and her dad sitting right next to me, and when the Queen beds/kills the king all I could think about is how awkward it would be to watch this with my dad. Then I remembered my dad was there, as was the rest of my family. Awkward.

Bella is Bella, and Thor is Thor. The plot/script is again, awkward. Really, the best part of the movie was the Queen.

Despite her incessant feminist ravings, she was just weird enough, just evil enough, just twisted enough, to entertain every time she was on the screen. The special effects that accompanied her throughout (i.e., the mirror, her various "youth" treatments, the ravens) were just as engaging.

Unfortunately her success just made the movie feel... uneven, because when she wasn't on the screen, you suddenly remembered you were smack dab in the middle of daddy/daughter date night.

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