Saturday, October 15, 2011

Movie Log 12: Double Feature

22) Ides of March was such a great movie. Maybe it's the poly sci nerd in me, but it just seemed... pertinent. Maybe it's because it's the first real look I've had at politics behind the scenes. I found it to be tense, witty, and poignant. Ryan Gosling's optimistism is challenged by the brutal realities of human politics, and he is forced to become the bad guy he never wanted to be. George Clooney plays an excellent perfect-candidate-on-stage-but-duplicit-behind-the-scenes politican. ...It might not have had a bunch of action, and the plot was very small for a blockbuster film, but the intensity and realism really got me. I liked it.

The movie projector fizzled out like four tmies during the movie, too, so the theater gave us all extra tickets. I decided, since a cab ride to and from the movies is about 20 bucks, that I'd just watch the next movie. It happened to be Real Steel in the IMAX.

The IMAX is an amazing thing. It is now my favorite way to watch a movie. The sound, the picture quality... so good.

23) Real Steel was surprisingly entertaining. How could Rock 'em Sock 'em Robots be a good movie? With Hugh Jackman, Evangeline Lily, and that kid - that's how. The writing is witty, and there are a surprising number of laughs. It's like when you watched Iron Man for the first time. No one was expecting it to be entertaining, but the laughs disarmed you and the actors did their jobs right. That's how this movie went. It's a fun one.

Oh Evangeline...

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