Monday, September 19, 2011


I only had 10 days left in Benning.

Due to a strange, twisted series of events, I was informed quite suddenly that I wouldn't be going to Ranger School, wouldn't be going to Airborne, and wouldn't be going to Stryker Leader's Course. Instead I would be PCSing to Alaska in TEN DAYS.

This coming, of course, in response and just after being the first person EVAR to voluntary withdraw from Ranger School before actually going. Or so they would have me think, anyway. Instead of intentionally failing my way out of training I didn't want to do, I just requested not to. Needless to say, it ruffled some feathers. To keep a long story short, and because I've told it about a billion times already, I had to be counselled by like ten people, and write a memorandum stating why  I didn't want to go AND THEN WHY I DID. Ha. In the end they told me it was mandatory and I was going. I said YES SIR! and did what I was told before receiving my new orders.



  1. wait a second. i don't understand what this means, and i suddenly feel like i really should. what is pcs?

  2. I've already fallen into the Army trap of throwing around acronyms as if everyone knows what they mean. Don't worry though, a PCS is a "permanent change of station," which just means that I'm moving!

    The unit I'm joining in Alaska is deployed to Afghanistan. They've been there 4-5 months already which leaves them 7-8 left on their tour. If I'm lucky I'll get to join them, but I doubt I will be able to.

    In any case anyone who's wanted to make that trip to Alaska and see the northern lights should hit me up.