Monday, September 19, 2011

Movie Log 10: Driver

19) Driver

So, this movie was STRANGELY entertaining. The opening scene was so cool. I mean, it was cool in every sense of the word. The main character was ice cold and smooth operator as the getaway driver in some robbery. I remember thinking: this is going to be a great movie.

Well it was, but not like I thought it would. A lot of people might not like this movie. The main character is... awkward. He rarely talks, and he just looks at people. It's weird. There are way more awkward moments than action, and then when there is action (apart from the opening scene) it's VIOLENT. I mean, bashing someone's head to nothing but pulp violent.

Yet it was strangely entertaining. I think it was because the main character was so likeable.  Like I said, he was so awkward, and yet so good at what he did. There's a well-written review here that explains it perfectly.

In any case, my last movie here in Benning was worth it. At least I can say that much about this place.

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