Saturday, August 6, 2011

Movie Log 05-07: Apes and Leadership

So I've been lazy/unmotivated to write, but now I've got something to write about. Here's my blurb about the movies I've seen in the past three weekends:

11) Captain America: hitting people with shields is cool.
12) Cowboys and Aliens: I've already forgotten that I've seen it.
13) Planet of the Apes: SO GOOD. Officially the best movie I've seen since I started the run this summer.

Apes was so good. The entire time, I couldn't help but analyze the leadership qualities of Cesar, the main monkey.The way he brought the Apes together and then kept them together was epic. Let me point out some leadership qualities that I found worthwhile:

1) After Cesar got put into the chimp house, he got beat up by the dominant chimp (we'll call him Grey) during free play. That night when all the chimps were in their cages, Cesar escaped from his cage, released the caged Gorilla, and won the Gorilla's allegiance for freeing him. Then he opened up Grey's cage, brought him out where all the other chimps could see, and made him submit while the Gorilla looked on threateningly. From this point on, Cesar walked and acted like he ran that show, hands down. It wasn't in an obnoxious way, though. It was a forceful way. A forceful, firm constant reminding that he ran the show. Leaders need this attribute.

2) He shared his knowledge with the other monkeys. He was smarter, and so he started teaching the monkeys stuff to make them more powerful. Eventually, he steals the smart-drug and gives it to them all to bring them up to his level. Instead of keeping them low, he brought them up to his level.

3) He shared the spoils, and the responsibility. He made Grey his platoon sergeant, so to speak, and he stole some cookies and made Grey pass them out to the other monkeys. While Grey passed them out, Cesar stood in the middle of them as if to say, "I'm giving you this because I can, not because I have to."

4) He led the attack. He was always out front leading the run through the city. And he fought just as much as everyone else did. When something was about to stop them, he took care of it personally, like that machine gun in the helicopter.

5) He restrained the other monkeys from ripping every human they found apart. He was the moral check on his wild, rampaging horde. He directed their wrath and awesome power while keeping focused on the mission. I had this feeling that being an Infantry platoon leader would be similar to that.

In any case, it was some good movie, the best of the summer so far. Captain Thompson from BYU ROTC always use to make us do leadership analyses on random movies (like the Little Mermaid and such) - I think anyone studying leadership could get some quality lessons from this one.

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