Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Movie Log 03: I'll Be My Own Boss, Thanks

So firstly, the Movie Journal is now known as the Movie Log (thanks, Banks. oui oui).

Secondly, Horrible Bosses was fun. But then again, after a week of IBOLC, anything is fun. Honestly. I think that going to movies has become so much of an escape for me that I am able to enjoy almost any movie, regardless of how bad it might be. Not that this movie is particularly bad, but it's not particularly good either. And it's true what they say: the movies are better with a C O K E and some popcorn (though I prefer BUNCHA CRUNCH). And also with Jennifer Aniston.

Thirdly, the lesson. Or moral, if you will. Rather, the philosophizations of an avid movie goer and observer of society. It's mainly about picking a job you actually like.

I have always done things I felt was I needed to do, i.e., what I felt was my duty, or what I owed the group, my God, my country, my family, etc. Even when playing team sports or team video games, I would play the role that no one else would in order to ensure that the team had that position filled with someone possessing at least half a brain.

Not that there's anything wrong with that, per se, but it's not enough. It's left me feeling oddly unsure about what I even like or dislike about a great many things.

In relation to work, I've realized that you have to want to go work, at least to some degree. You can't dread it. You can't spend every moment wishing you were anywhere else. If what I'm describing is normal, but I think it's sad. That's why after the Army I'm going to do whatever I actually want to do. Not what's safe, not what's dutiful - something I want to actually do. I'll have done my duty to both God and Country - then it will be time for some duty to self. That will probably involve doing something crazy. Can't wait.

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