Tuesday, July 5, 2011


Which sounds better: Movie Journal or Movie Log? Consider this a transitional title post.

Transformers: Dark Side of the Moon was up straight action jackson. Never mind the way the Armed Forces and civilian agencies worked or didn't work together in absurd ways. Never mind that Megatron is still alive somehow. Never mind that Shia Lebouf is with yet another supermodel. If you can willfully suspend your disbelief for a time, you will enjoy this ride.

The whole time I was thinking of how vastly superior cybernetic beings would be to humans. Let me count the ways:

1) SIGHT and TARGETING. Cybernetic beings would be able to immediately scan a location, target things, get technical readouts of said things, see in infra-red, thermal, and night vision, and also take pictures and video immediately  They could also filter out their screen for colors to isolate one color. Or detect only motion. Anything you could do with a computer screen you could put into their eyesight. It could calculate speeds and force as fast as the being's processor would allow. This would mean that it could deflect, repel, counter, and attack extremely accurately - never mind how accurately it could fire. And who said a cybernetic being can only have two eyes in the front of its head? Put one in the back and now times all that by three.

2) HEARING. The same goes for hearing. It could isolate frequencies, hear frequencies that humans can't, immediately record sounds and compare/contrast them to internal databases. It could calculate the location of a sound by its frequency and intensity immediately, meaning that it could, in effect, see behind itself with its hearing.

3) IMMORTALITY. Cybernetic beings, in theory, wouldn't die. As long as their memory banks/whatever computer component passes for its mind isnt' damaged, you could "jump" the robot to come back to life. If it runs out of power or connections are severed, all you have to do is put those connections back together and give the robot a boost and VOILA! it's back a la Optimus Prime in Transformers 2.

4) SURVIVAL. Apart from immortality, cybernetic beings could survive in space, underwater, and without oxygen while trapped underground. It would be able to live in places unassisted humans can't.

5) TELEPATHY. More like, wireless connectivity with everyone else around you, provided that they too are cybernetic beings. Think about it. They could send messages to each other to anywhere in the world. They could take a picture with their eyes and send it to a friend. Or record a conversation and post it immediately to Facebook. They have de facto telepathy. How much they have open or closed to other cybernetic beings would be up to their programming/choice.

That's why I plan to be at least 60% cyborg by the time I'm 50, with goal of having my consciousnesses transplanted into a fully functioning cybernetic form. How cool would that be?


  1. that is what awaits us o'king...in the immortal worlds...as resurrected superbeings. I think this is really justn preparing us for our superpowers.

  2. movie log. definitely. also, i'm willing to do whatever it takes to help you become 60% cyborg.

  3. Movie Log it is!

    And I forgot to put up there improved memory. With a hard drive for a brain, I would remember more than "Je vuex ton corps" from French class. I would be able to say how much I miss our study group. Oui oui.