Saturday, July 9, 2011

IBOLC Week 7: Collosal Waste. I mean, Live Fire Squad Excersize

What a colossal waste of my life. I'm not sure what it was about this past four-day weekend for the 4th of July, but I came back to training with new eyes. I suddenly began to truly see how ridiculous this organization is. I am starting to keep a checklist of stupid things the Army does and will post them. But for now: a brief synopsis of the THREE FULL HOURS OF WORK I did this week. 

Monday we had off, so we began the work week on Tuesday with EIGHT HUNDRED STEP UPS. A step up is when you step up a stair and then step down. 400 on each leg, 800 in all - with our 45 lbs. ruck sack on. No big.

Then we took a quiz on stuff we hadn't learned. Who does that? Kind of like, "Here you go, here's a quiz that's worth points towards graduation." Dumb. After that we went OUTSIDE to learn how to do something we've all been taught one billion times before - Battle Drill 1A: Squad Attack.

Now, I'm not saying we shouldn't go over battle drills. We need to. It's our job. But we learned hand and arm signals, react to contact, and squad attack - with NO PRACTICAL EXERCISES- and it took us two and a half hours. I've taught privates all that and more with practical exercises in less time.

Wednesday we went out to the field to sit around all week in the hot sun and ant infested poison-ivy grass of Georgia. I'm not exaggerating. I read 600 pages of Game of Thrones on my Nook while we were out there. Wednesday we went out to the range and sat around all day except for running a demonstration lane and a practice lane with no ammunition of what we were going to do the next day. The total time was about an hour. The rest of the day I slept. And read.

I'm not exaggerating. Here was Thursday:

0600 - Wake up
0700 - Walk over to the range. got there at 0710.
1200 - Blank Fire run. Meaning, we ran the battle drill Squad Attack with blank rounds. Took about thirty minutes.
1600 - Live Fire run. Did the same things as before, but with live ammunition. Took about thirty minutes
2200 - Lights out

You see those monstrously large gaps in the timeline? You know what I did from 0700-1200? I slept and read Game of Thrones. Know what I did from 1230 to 1600? Slept and read Game of Thrones. Know what I did from 1630 to 2200? Read Game of Thrones. I couldn't sleep anymore.

And Friday:

0600 - Wake up
0700 - Move to Range
1500 - Squad STX Lane. A STX Lane is like running a mission. Go find the enemy and kill him. Usually with blanks. It took about an hour to finish. Then there was an hour of clean up and prep to move.
1700 - Move to another range and do a walk through of how to clear a bunker
1800 - Got back to HQ
2100 - Released for the weekend

Same thing. Huge gaps, huge naps. And Game of Thrones. Stupid.

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