Monday, July 4, 2011

IBOLC Week 6: Machine Guns and Artillery

i LUV four day work weeks.

This week wasn't very exciting so here it is, for posterity:

Machine gun theory - where to place the guns, the different types, their capabilities
Artillery - different types, capabilities, and most importantly, calling for fire. We played a huge video game to learn, which of course just validates the years of gaming I've put under my belt. The game had some terrain in front of us with targets, and we would have to call up the correct information to hit them. Probably the best training we've had so far, I'd say.

Besides that, I am loathe to report that I am one of three 240 gunners for my platoon.

You see how big that thing is? Thirty pounds of death. That ammunition is another ten pounds as well. I can't wait to ruck march ten miles with a  45 pound pack and my 30 pound machine gun. Go Infantry.

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