Monday, June 27, 2011


I'm in a CAPSLOCK mood today for some reason.

In any case, I thought it high time I explain to the masses how space combat will soon enough become a reality.

That's right, space combat. Dejame explicar.

Satellites run our world. Communications, GPS, information sending; Can you imagine a world without satellites? You'd have to give up a lot more than you realize. And when it comes to the military, it's almost more than we are prepared to handle. Some wargame scenarios have China (as only China, US, and Russia currently have weapons capable of) blowing our satellites out of the sky in one fell swoop; after all, there is nothing to protect them.

Which brings us to the next step: missile defense for our satellites. It could take various forms, but whatever form it is - space-based lasers, counter batteries of missiles (i.e., the STAR WARS program you might have heard about), space stations - the natural counter to such a missile defense system would be manned fighters.

Space Fighters.

AND SAPPERNAUTS!! Sapper astronauts who fly around in space and plant bombs on missile defense systems. So epic. Would make a great movie.

But seriously. It'll happen. And I'll rue the day I was born int he 21st Century beacuse I always wanted to be the best star pilot in the galaxy...

As an addendum, the other reason for space combat would have to center around some resource available only in space, whether its some space mineral or even real estate. Who knows, maybe one day moon dust will be used to make superultracomputers and robots.

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