Sunday, June 26, 2011

Movie Journal 01: Good Bad Teacher

So I have been to the theaters for the past seven weeks in a row. Don't be alarmed; that's just what happens when a movie lover lives across the street from the base movie theater. I'm not exaggerating either, look:

You can see the street sign, Gillespie, and the movie theater sign ins that white square just left of the stop sign, while the actual theater is that big brick building on the left. So far I've seen:

1) Kung Fu Panda - awesome
2) Pirates of the Carribean: On Stranger Tides - fun flick, gotta love Capn Sparrow
3) The Hangover Part II - hahaha
4) X-men First Class - Magneto is Epic
5) Super 8 - the Goonies of our time
6) Green Lantern - so bad its awesome
7) Bad Teacher - lolzors and also inspiration. Dejame explicar.

I decided last night that I would chronicle not only every movie that I saw in some kind of movie journal, but also the lessons I learned from them. I often leave a movie thinking about something or another, and then go home and dream something crazy that seems to only make me think harder. Sometimes its nothing big, and other times its life changing. This time, there were two things I walked away with.

1) The Teacher's Role. You know, the original teachers, such as Socrates and Plato, actually taught rhetoric and ethics. They taught moral codes and debated over what the "good" was, and how best to live one's life in harmony with mankind. It was no secret that you were going there to learn how to read, write, persuade, speak, and live. Only later did teachers begin to specialize and teach nothing but their own subject, dropping topics such as ethics and the model citizen.

2) Wants and Desires. In the movie, the main character thinks she wants a sugar daddy to provide her with a posh standard of living, and eventually realizes how shallow it is and goes for the gym teacher. (Don't worry, you see it coming a mile away; I didn't spoil anything.) Which made me wonder... where your wants and desires even come from. I don't have time to get into it just now, but I sense it becoming a recurring theme in 2011: where do your likes, dislikes, desires, and wants come from?  Experienece? Knowledge? Something else?

We'll see how the Movie Journal develops.

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