Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Day 8-10 Road Trip '11: STL

Saturday to Tuesday morning was spent recharging in St. Louis. Mostly that means sleeping in till about 11 am and then lounging around all day in my pajamas. When I finally did get up, it was off to the Arch.

Can you believe that I lived in St. Louis for something around five years and never went up it? Apparently that’s a common theme among those who live near an attraction like that. When I was in New York I met lots of people who had never visited the Statue of Liberty, gone up the Empire State Building, or even seen a play on Broadway. When you live that close to something special, you kind of take it for granted, it seems.
Well, the Arch is bigger than you think. It looks small(ish) in the St. Louis city skyline, but it’s huge. The base of the Arch dwarfs whoever stands next to it. I had this overwhelming desire to play Tracball in between the bases. I miss you already, Tracball. There were people playing ultimate Frisbee, but it’s just not the same. Luke, Erica, and I took pictures while we were there. Unfortunately we got in line to go up it just as they were putting up the “Sold Out” sign, so I still haven’t been UP the Arch, but at least I’ve been TO it. We made it back in time to get Luke to Prom. Ah, Prom. So many memories. Most of them sucky.
Sunday was church and visiting my old friend Kirstyn. It’s crazy how old we are now. It’s not like we’re THAT old, but people have families and kids and jobs and responsibilities. I always thought for sure that I’d be doing all those things before everyone else. Funny that I’m the last. I’m ok with that though, for now.
I was supposed to head out Monday. At least, that was my original plan. But something had been bothering me all weekend about leaving on Monday so I said to myself, “Tuesday it is, Sean.” Good thing I did, too, as we’ll see later in my adventures.

Monday was more recharging, a car wash, and a high school band concert. Luke plays the drums so I made it to listen to him play. I was messing around on my phone while the elementary and junior high schools played, grinning and bearing the honks and screeches. Suddenly the music  jumped in quality. I looked up, because something was different. The music was on beat, in tempo, sounded… better. Like the whole band had been lifted. Turns out they put Luke on the drums for this one song to help out the junior high band. He was on the set, just doing his thing, unaware in the sudden and significant increase in quality of this music. It was still junior high music, mind you, but it took a step up as soon as Luke took a seat. 

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