Saturday, May 7, 2011

Day 6-7 Road Trip '11: AZ to STL

Two days of back to back 10 hour driving. Sooo fun.
I kept tabs of the scenery as I went through the different states. AZ kept going back and forth between canyons and desert. New Mexico was some UGLY desert - as opposed to the spectacular deserts of Southern Utah, Nevada, and even AZ. The colors and landscape were all just bleh. It kept alternating between these random platueas and the ugly desert.

And then there was Texas. Of course with all the hype I was destined to dislike it. But then I saw miles and miles of wind farms and promptly changed my mind. Any state that is working like that to reduce dependence on oil (period) is ok in my book. Except for Oklahoma which is OK.

I made it to Oklahoma City that night, something I was rather proud of. I think it came out to be 800 miles that day. Could be the most mileage in one day on the entire trip, I think. Kimber facebooked me and offered her parents' place for me to stay, and I'm glad she did. Her house was an excellent place to recharge, even for only a night. The home is just so homey that it's hard not to feel refreshed from being there. It's outside of the city limits in some beautiful country, on its own peice of land with this feeling of permanence inside. The furtniture, design, and layout of everything just feels... permenant. It's the only way I can describe it.

That's such a foreign idea to me, having lived all over the place for 2-3 years on average in each location, but their home made me re-evaluate the idea of continuing that lifestyle. Also, Kimber's wedding photos are so excellent. They actually look happy in their photos. It was hard not to be cheerful walking down the hallway with those pictures up.

Anyhow, the next morning the Larsons made me breakfast, shared with me their 15th Century Bible (fascinating), and even packed me a cooler - and gave me the cooler! - for the road.

Oklahoma makes great humans.

The drive to St. Louis was GREEN. I had come into Oklahoma during the night (I arrived in OKC at 0045), so the last thing I had seen was the desert/plains of Texas. The next morning I'm driving out of the Larsons' driveway and it actually takes a few seconds for my eyes to adjust to all the green.

I stopped in Jefferson City, MO to visit my grandparents. My grandmother is suffering from cancer and ailments of various flavors and has just as many pills and medications adding to the fun. I can't say enough about how optimistic and cheerful she is, despite all the suffering. You'd think she just had a minor cold the way she talks about it. It was another good recharging moment to just be with them and feel of their love and support.

I finally rolled into St. Louis around midnight. Many of the bridges and exit ramps were flooded from all the recent storms. My family had actually had to delay their flight back from my graduation on account of the damage. Luckily the homefront hadn't suffered any damage at all.

I gave a "sup" to my family, and without any further ado, I threw my stuff in my room and fell asleep on TEH GRATEST BED EVAR.

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  1. red fox, red fox come in...'d be sick to be on that trip with you. dang school....