Sunday, August 8, 2010

Holy crap... It's August

And then... it was August. Where did July go?

OH YEAH... HELLDAC. More commonly known as LDAC. I'd rather not relive the experience by writing about it. Just know that it was an excruciatingly long 29 days made bearable by some incredibly worthwhile people (4th Platoon you know who I'm talking about).

Nevermind that everyone except me is looking the wrong way.

And even though I missed my flight coming home and had to spend the night in Seattle, some good came of it: THE HTC EVO 4G FROM SPRINT SUCKERS!!! Behold it's beauty. I could go on all day about how fricken cool it is, and how it's features are light years ahead of the competition, but I think this one feature pretty much sums it up:


And if you'd like to compare, here's a little something to chew on:

Notice that the overall sexy-factor of the Evo trumps that of the iPhone. I didn't believe it could be done either.

Oh iPhone, you were my first love. I daydreamed about you like Chuck Norris daydreams about roundhousing fools to the face for fun. You always inspired awesome aliteration actively from afar via your alluring aura. But alas, I have found my true love. And though you will remain in my heart as my first crush, I am now with the one I was meant to be with. So good bye, LDAC and all of your suck; hello EVO and happily ever after.

It's a good start to August.

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