Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Apollo is My God of the Day

I used to make fun of civilizations that worshipped the Sun. "You silly heathens," I'd say, "The Sun is clearly an inanimate object. Why would you worship it?"

Then today the Sun broke through for the first time in days. It's the middle of April, the last day of school, and still the whole day feels like a bad episode of Glee: something that should be fulfilling and wonderful but comes up short and feeling disappointing. This could be due to the fact that I stayed up all night trying to write a paper (unsuccessfully, I might add, as I kept getting distracted by much more fun things like video games), or perhaps it was due to the fact that there was MFING SNOW ON THE MFING GROUND IN THE MIDDLE OF MFING APRIL.

In any case, my gloomy, grumpy mood was INSTANTLY transformed into a happy, can't-get-me-down type mood that lasted throughout my entire next class. I left my class to find that the clouds and snow had conquered the mountain sky once again, and felt the that wonderful feeling evaporate like... water. Or something that evaporates suddenly. Come back Sun, we love you.

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