Monday, February 1, 2010

"I don't care WHAT season it is!!"

It's that time of year again. The time of year where nothing is off limits. The time of year when things like your hubcaps and left shoes go missing; the time of year when things show up, like a truckload of newspaper clippings; the time of year when things just happen like stealing Charity's chocolate milk. It's prank season; it's Gangsta Season '10. And it's about time.
Gangsta Season Hall of Famers:

Operation Vengeance (videos on my Facebook) by Apt 55 (holla)
SW is the Best by Joel Shepherd
Hubcaps by I still don't know who did that
Stealing Charity's Chocolate Milk by Coy Jackson
Joel's Boxer Short Scavenger Hunt by Your's Truly

This year, I'm thinking something a little different... Flash Mobs. Expect some footage of random pillowfights or ninja dances in awkwardly public places like University Mall.

I'd also like to introduce a bit more linguistic Ju-Jitsu with "Garbageable." That old dress? Garbageable. PL SC 328 Homework? Garbageable. That one girl fwho dumped me last summer? Garbageable. No, I'm not bitter at all about that.

Garbageable brought to you by Melissa Andrew, and generous contributions from viewers like you.

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  1. wow wow wow... a hall of fame without the original originators??? i believe the hubcaps started at church in ofallon when i did it and decorated one of the trees to look like a christmas tree... and i can think of many many other things... contes movies, contes furniture, contes bed, contes video games, wow he got it a lot! well just know its Feb again!!!!